How are we going to do it?

There is no blanket answer to cure racism, but every solution no matter how small adds to the cure becoming a reality. We believe in constructive, practical and tangible solutions– so we are lobbying for something specific, and also calling for everyone's ideas and plans (all kinds of plans to help cure racism)

1. Introducing the Non-Discrimination Solutions Symbol into schools, the workplace and broader public. The Symbol for Non-Discrimination Solutions is a World First launched by South Africa.

Much like the AIDS Red Ribbon, it is a device for conscious raising, and used to impact hearts, minds and behaviour.

The Non-Discrimination Solutions Symbol is a mechanism for the Awareness of Solutions for All Forms of Discrimination (old, new and yet to be articulated)

The symbol is the Oxygen Atom. Why Oxygen? Because Oxygen is what we all breathe no matter who we are. Ideas of hate and prejudice underpin all forms of discrimination.

Nondiscrimination Symbol & Badge

For more info please visit www.nondiscrimination.life or download the Non-Discrimination Symbol Profile, here.

Please 'like' the Facebook page if you are in support of the non-discrimination symbol.

2. We are calling for plans, both macro and micro, in all industries and sectors and from people from all walks of life. Curing racism is at times a complex and contentious issue requiring major introspection, and at other times a simple and easy thing to do. Either way we need to collect all the ideas and plans and try and make them happen, so this is a call for any project that could help cure racism, build social cohesion and strengthen nation building. Pdfs of your proposals can be emailed to info@cureracism.co.za and will be uploaded for everyone to view.

3. We are spreading the message to Cure Racism in South Africa, via a 360° awareness, communications and engagement campaign; and producing insight-videos as an educational resource, and as a tool for both offline and social media dialogues.

4. Built into Cure Racism South Africa is also a socio-economic generator that allows anti-discrimination work to be sustainable; this will be unpacked face-to-face via a detailed presentation.

Cure racism in South Africa in +-300yrs or +-12 generations.

To be a contributor and partner in the collection and implementation of constructive solutions and plans, both macro and micro, that seek to cure racism in every facet of South African society.

Who can submit solutions and plans?
Anyone can! This is not simply a 'top down' or 'bottom up' approach, but rather a 'hybrid take-in' and collaborative method that include the public, civil society, the private sector, the public sector and essentially any individual or group from any walk of life.